How To Stick To Your Budget For Home Renovation In Tweed Heads

Home renovations can often be intimidating and at times completely overwhelming because of unexpected costs, budget constraints (trust us when we say even the biggest budget can be hard to stick to!), and complete inundation of options and decisions. This is why we at Coastal Living Renovations are dedicated to making sure that you feel comfortable throughout the entire process. From the initial consultation to completing your project, we will remain transparent and clear in our guidance. We will be able to leverage our years of experience in order to provide you with the very best personalised advice that matches not only your budget but your renovation vision too. That is why we are here!

Here are some more tips on making sure that your renovation budget stays on track.

Our Top Tips To Keep Your Project On Budget

Good home renovation means making sure that you match your budget to your goals. This is also an important step towards making sure that you are fully satisfied with the end result. Here’s is what we recommend:

    1. Be specific about your goals – what do you hope to achieve in a dream (yet not unrealistic) scenario?
    2. Start initial consultation to find a ballpark figure for your budget.
    3. Figure out how much you have to spend on your project and how much flexibility you have.
    4. Reassess what is non-negotiable and what are the ‘nice to haves’ within your home renovation project.
    5. Discuss the budget upfront with your renovation team and strike a balance between what is essential and what is not.
    6. Take some time to evaluate and once you have made your decision on what you would like to achieve with the project, look at any deficits you may have in terms of financing. These deficits could be addressed through loans, lines of credit, refinancing or cutting line items from your budget.
    7. Follow through with formal quotations for your project if you did not already have them drawn up, and make sure to designate a portion of your budget for contingencies.
    8. Continuously communicate with your renovation team to ensure that the project is adhering to budget and time parameters. Make adjustments as needed, if needed.

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