Common Mistakes To Avoid With Bathroom Renovations In Tweed Heads

Any remodel can be daunting, but the dread of a bathroom overhaul going wrong is enough to inspire sleepless nights in even the most unflappable renovator. Bathroom renovations in Tweed Heads can be a breeze if you manage to avoid making these common mistakes.

Remember To Use Water-Resistant Materials

This may seem obvious, but one of the biggest mistakes one can make in a bathroom renovation is using materials that are not durable or water-resistant. It is easy to get caught up in appearances without thinking about long-term viability in a room that sees a lot of traffic and water. You may fall in love with a gorgeous glass feature only to find that it never scrubs clean because it lacks the appropriate sealant or coating. You could select a beautiful paint that ends up covered in mould quickly because it doesn’t have anti-mould ingredients as bathroom paint should.  Be sure that the materials and features you use in your bathroom renovation will stand the test of time.

Don’t Forget About Ventilation

Bathrooms frequently fill up with steam. Inadequate ventilation is essential to avoid mould and other health hazards or to keep features like wallpaper from peeling. Give your bathroom the proper attention to detail and plan for good ventilation by incorporating windows and/or vents into your renovation, or opt for an extractor fan if the space allows.

Don’t Cut Costs By Sacrificing Quality

Bathroom renovation costs can escalate very quickly, and you may be tempted to stay closer to your budget by choosing cheap fixtures or materials to compensate. While inexpensive, many items like toilets or shower fixtures are available at such low prices because they are of inferior quality. While it will save you money in the short term, poorly crafted items are more likely to break sooner rather than later, requiring constant repairs or replacements. Save yourself money in the long term by investing in quality where it matters and scale down the costs on non-essentials.

Make Use Of Skilled Professionals

It may be tempting to tackle a full remodel yourself in order to save costs. Unfortunately, you run the risk of making mistakes without even realising, due to a lack of know-how. Investing in a team of skilled professionals is a must if you want your project to stand the test of time. Coastal Living Renovations has a team that is highly skilled and will be more than capable of assisting with all things to do with bathroom renovations in Tweed Heads.

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