Leaving your car exposed to the elements can very quickly deteriorate your car’s exterior and bring down your car’s value in a matter of months? Furthermore, hail can do hundreds of dollars worth of damage in a matter of minutes if your car is left unprotected. Thus, building a carport is a very wise investment.

Protect your vehicles from sun damage, rain and even snow with a sturdy and protective carport. Every homeowner should have undercover parking for your car and perhaps extra parking for visitors if space allows. On top of protecting your car, the fact that you park undercover may assist you in receiving lower insurance rates on your vehicles with certain insurance companies.

Carport Installation Kingscliff With Coastal Living Renovations

At Coastal Living Renovations, we have built many carports in Kingscliff and surrounding areas. Over the years we have built up many happy clients thanks to our impeccable carport services. Carports are very popular projects because of the many advantages that these structures offer, as well as the affordable cost of erecting them.

Our team members are highly experienced when it comes to carports. We build your carport to your exact specifications, ensuring that there is more than enough space for your vehicle/vehicles. We use high-quality materials to ensure longevity and durability. With Coastal Living Renovations, you can trust that your new carport will stand the test of time.

Carport Repairs & Renovations

Do you have an already existing carport that needs a bit of a revamp? Remember that parking under a carport which is not sturdy could result in it collapsing on your car and perhaps causing irreversible damage.

In addition to installing brand new carports, the team at Coastal Living also provide carport repair services, where we are able to renovate any existing carport elements you may have on your property to ensure that they are stable and effective. Keep in mind that some carports may not be able to be saved and may be best to remove them and start afresh.

Looking to get a carport installed or renovated in Kingscliff? Get in touch with Coastal Living Renovations today for all of your carport renovation needs.

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